Glossary of terms

fir tree technology glossary of terms

What is G.A.S? Ever wondered what on earth they are talking about? Use our handy informal guide for some commonly heard industry acronyms. Glossary of Terms G.A.S = Give A Shit N.F.G = No Fuc*ing Good (commonly appears when product doesn’t work and we cannot work out why) P.E.B.S.W.A.S = Problem Exists Between Steering Wheel … Read moreGlossary of terms

What is ‘waterproof’?

what is waterproof - ip rating overview

What is waterproof? When buying an exterior camera, ‘waterproof’ is something you will need to consider for a product that will be exposed to the elements. What does waterproof actually mean? You will see many different ratings for exterior cameras – IP67, IP38, IP69, IP69K.  It can be confusing to understand which rating you actually … Read moreWhat is ‘waterproof’?