Commercial Vehicle Fit Out

Commercial Vehicle Fit Out

The team at Fir Tree can help to get your new commercial vehicle ready for work. 

Choosing a commercial vehicle equipment installer without any ties to a specific manufacturer means that one supplier can fit out everything you need.

There is something a bit special about taking delivery of a shiny new van.

Happy face, sad face, happy face…

 The distinctive smell of “newness” invokes our happy hormones, which must be why the Fir Tree engineers have always got a smile on their faces!

However, when you order your new van what you receive from the dealer is generally not fit for your purpose. It’s not work ready.

You will take delivery of a basic panel van. It will need to be transformed for your specific requirements before it is ready to earn its keep.   Your requirements are totally dependent upon the nature of your business. For example a painter and decorator will need a very different internal fit out to a traffic control and management company. There is one common theme for all businesses – the fit out of your commercial vehicle needs to save you time, money and help you to operate professionally and efficiently.

The team at Fir Tree can help to get your new commercial vehicle ready for work. Choosing a commercial vehicle equipment installer without any ties to a specific manufacturer means that one supplier can fit out everything you need.

What can we do?

Simple, whatever you want!

The starting point is to gain a real understanding of your requirements. What is the main purpose of your commercial vehicle?  Is it primarily for transportation of equipment and tools to enable you to carry out your trade or is it actually a mobile workshop?  Every business is different and we will take the time to understand how your company operates so that our proposed solution will result in an easier life for you and your team.

Racking fit out

Most vans will require some form of internal racking system in order to maximise the use of vertical space. Installing a racking system in your commercial van optimises the space available and provides easy access to equipment, tools or products that you need to carry out your work.

Of course, it is possible to craft your own racking system out of wood but…what happens if something goes wrong?  Will your Heath Robinson racking stand the scrutiny of the insurance company/police if someone gets seriously hurt?

At Fir Tree we only install metal racking systems because we fully understand that as a business owner you have a duty of care to minimise risk.

Lighting fit out

The right level of lighting is essential for visibility, road safety – to reduce the incidence of accidents and for the provision of a work environment that is fit for purpose. If you are a courier how can you be expected to find your loads or paperwork in a poorly illuminated vehicle?

We can include the following lighting solutions in a commercial vehicle fit out:-

  • Front and Rear Strobes

  • LED Vehicle Floodlighting

  • Interior LED Strip Lighting

  • Exterior LED Strip Lighting

  • Lightbars

  • Cab Lighting Solutions

Custom power solutions

Power inverters and the installation of additional batteries can provide access to additional sources of power to enable the uninterrupted of equipment and tools.

Electrical installations

Whether at home, on holiday or at work not having access to the means to power your equipment and devices is exceptionally irritating!

Fir Tree can address this problem in your commercial vehicle with the installation of extra plug sockets and USB chargers.

You should know…

When you take delivery of a brand new commercial vehicle that requires a fit out before it is work ready you need to be aware of the following risks:-

  1. If the installer you have chosen for the fit out does not follow the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications when fitting new equipment the warranty will be invalidated
  2. With the best will in the world there are times when something may get broken. If this happens on a brand new vehicle model chances are that the replacement parts are not yet in distribution and the vehicle technicians at the dealerships have yet to receive their training on that model.
  3. When you start to modify a commercial vehicle you need to be fully aware of the implications that the modifications will have on the overall weight of the vehicle.  It is easier than you might think to move a vehicle into a different weight classification.  This has been a common issue with ambulances where so much weight has been added by the fit out that the ambulance cannot accommodate a patient!

How do you minimise the risk?

Quite simply work with an installation partner who knows what they are doing, one that doesn’t cut corners and will not leave you in the lurch if a problem should arise.

Guess you had better call Fir Tree Technology…

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