Improve Asset Efficiency

Improve Asset Efficiency

Technology is used to improve vehicle and driver performance, raise efficiency, enhance safety and reduce the environmental impact of commercial vehicles.

The pace of change in the vehicle market is unprecedented. 

From autonomous vehicles to Mobility as a Service (MaaS), who knows what the commercial fleet market landscape will look like even a decade from now.

What is clear though is that technology is driving the change. Technology is being used improve vehicle and driver performance, raise efficiency, enhance levels of safety and reduce the environmental impact of commercial vehicles.

Telematics are empowering fleet operators by providing access to a wealth of data analytics.

As the old saying goes “knowledge is power” and the amount of data collected with telematics certainly puts the fleet operators back in the driving seat!

Telematics and tracking systems using GPS navigation and geolocation, can be used as a way of keeping track of vehicles and assets. The benefits of a vehicle tracking system focus on the ability to locate vehicles in real time. Knowing exactly where your vehicle is enables you to increase productivity though intelligent route plotting and to deliver a superior customer service.

Telematics are also utilised in fleet management systems to cut costs, assess risks maintain optimal performance.

Enable the driver to work at peak efficiency and maximise productivity.

Thanks to the instantaneous response from the Internet in our ‘always-on-world’ we have come to expect instant gratification.  We ‘Google’ something, or ask ‘Alexa’ and we (mostly) get the answer we were looking for in milliseconds.  We order goods online, they get delivered the next day, or sometimes the same day! 

This expectation culture permeates throughout our daily lives.  Most businesses that offer a product or service need to be faster, more efficient and more cost effective than ever before.  They need to get the most out of their assets.  When it comes to Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) this translates into equipping the van with the necessary fixtures and fittings to enable the driver to work to peak efficiency and maximise productivity.

If you are looking to ‘sweat the assets’ and get the most out of your commercial vehicle fleet, and your drivers, Fir Tree can help with the installation of technology and the physical fit out of equipment to achieve the desired productivity.

Telematics and Tracking

Sophisticated technology to control costs, reduce risks, optimise performance and track in real time

Proprietary systems include the following market leading products:-

  • Tracker
  • Microlise
  • Reveal (formerly Fleetmatics)

Commercial vehicle fit out

Increase productivity and operational efficiency by transforming your vehicle into a more productive mobile workspace

Fir Tree can adapt any make or model of commercial van through the installation of:-

  • Racking –installation of tool racking to fully utilise available space
  • Work benches – to create a mobile workspace
  • Interior lights – to create better illumination and ensure that vehicles are fit for purpose.
  • Van linings – the majority of vans are ply lined. This type of lining attracts dust and grease. By fitting a p polypropylene lining the interior of the van can be transformed into a more hygienic environment that is easier to keep clean and improves illumination.
  • Additional batteries – to facilitate access to extra power.

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