Our Customers

Our Customers

Whether you are an owner/driver with three or four vehicles or a household name with a fleet of thousands, when you work with Fir Tree you are our priority.

Who we work with

When it comes to customers we have to admit that we are a little choosy about who we work with.  It is important that the businesses that come to Fir Tree, for assistance with their commercial vehicle safety systems, share the same values:- 

  • A commitment to quality and doing things properly
  • The words “cutting corners” do not exist in their vocabulary
  • An appreciation of working with a partner that can take an innovative approach to solving any problems with regards to vehicle safety and an unwillingness to compromise on what they want to achieve.
  • A desire to work with a partner that strives to find a product that actually fits the customers’ needs rather than the cheapest or the one that pays the highest commission

Whether you are an owner/driver with three or four vehicles or a household name with a fleet of thousands, when you work with Fir Tree you are our priority.

What matters most?

Relationships matter! Being able to work with a company that you can trust and that can be relied upon to deliver what they have promised, to the timeframe agreed, is key.

Customer satisfaction matters!  At Fir Tree customer satisfaction is far more important than short term profits, we are in it for the long haul.

A friendly, polite team who G.A.S.

  1. You make an enquiry – you can either call 01440 709579 or email your requirements to info@firtreetechnology.co.uk.
  2. We will liaise with you to identify the most appropriate solution to meet your requirements, the scale of the project and the timescales involved
  3. We will prepare a quote which will detail the equipment to be supplied, the labour costs and suggested timeframe for completion of the project.
  4. Once agreed, you will supply a Purchase Order Number as our authority to proceed with the work.
  5. We will schedule the work and order the appropriate equipment.
  6. Once the kit has arrived it will be checked carefully against the order and then pre-prepped in our assembly rooms at our facility in Haverhill, Suffolk.
  7. The friendly team of professional engineers will then install the equipment in line with the relevant vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. The installation can take place at a location of your choice or at our purpose built facility in Haverhill.
  8. Once the installation is complete we will call you to ensure that all is in order and will provide you with full details of our aftersales service, equipment guarantees and vehicle lifetime guarantee on labour.

Need help or advice?

Telephone: 01440 709579

Commercial Fleets

Let Fir Tree take care of the technology

In logistics, timing is everything – it’s a highly pressured environment.

You have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to work to, we get that. We know that maintaining your SLAs is paramount to your continued success.Our installation driven methodology was developed specifically to reduce the time your vehicles would be off the road (VOR) while undergoing installation of electronic equipment.

From the protection of vulnerable road users to driver welfare and asset efficiency, our talented team of engineers can install multiple pieces of kit from multiple suppliers in one hit – minimising down time and maximising efficiency.

Commercial Dealerships

Work with the professional aftermarket technology installers

Fir Tree provides an extension to your services. You are looking for a partner that will ensure that your reputation and bank balance will not take a hit further down the line as a result of an invalidated warranty. 

The pre-preparation process at Fir Tree allows for the highest level of traceability.  We can identify every component used in every installation that we undertake.  Everything required for your installation is pre-assembled in a clean, controlled, unpressured environment and delivered to site ready to “plug and play”. 

Equipment will be installed to vehicle manufacturers’ guidelines, no slicing and dicing!  Everything is neat, consistent and compliance is assured making your life a lot easier when it comes to vehicle servicing and maintenance in the future.

Our Customers